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September Contractor of the Month: G&B Restoration

G&B has been with Innovative since April 2014. They have grown with us, have maintained consistency with outstanding communication and have the highest quality of any vendor in the network. G&B is a model company in this industry as they are always adapting to changes and are always hungry for work. Their crews are regularly trained and updated to industry standards which is reflected in their high quality work and low follow up rate. They communicate regularly with the office, and provide concrete estimated completion dates. Their bids are comprehensive and appropriate for the industry which leads to better approvals.

Thanks to G&B for all you do and continue to do.

Innovative Team Member comments about G&B:

They have been great with bidding lately. They seem to understand that the clients won’t approve over-the-top bids, and they’ve been bidding way more fairly than in the past. G&B is one of those vendors that “gets it” – Dan

“G&B have been very expedient with responses to requests and other questions. Helpful bids placed as well
.” – Kevin

Has been in several dangerous situations, and still gets the work done.” –Matt

Outstanding Bids, Communication, Photo Quality and low Follow Ups. Currently doing work consistently outside of their regular area for multiple clients for us. Additionally, they are catching other vendors with their poor work quality.” – Andrea

Shows exact measurements in pictures and on white board. Explains what is needed. Also, bids for a reasonable amount. They also call the office multiple times with any issues. Reports neighbor complaints on site.” – Marissa